Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beauty in nonSense..

Hey All....!!

You must be thinking that what are we guys doing..? but this signify that sometime our childish activities makes life time memories..which will remain there forever...let me tell you guys that these funny faces really make some sense..they show the extempore, imagination, vivacity, fun, and moreover team work and togetherness...

The day was 1st Jan 2009, we (me along with my all colleagues) end our first day of new year this way....

we all were in the hills of uttranchal, Jageshwar was the place where we were.. some misunderstanding leads us to this much of creativity and one has ever imagined that the struggle of thoughts could lead to this funny ending...but all thanks to mohan joshi and jo..and all the fellow members of philogy which lead us to show some sort of my photographic ability and also creativity to n me....these are only some of the pics which i have chosen as best ....hope you guys will enjoy we did :)

This is jeenu...simillar to Alladin's Ginne

Daaku Maan Singh

You must have seen fantasy series of chandrakanta..Guess Who.?

This is our Fantom ---Indian Counterpart

Ye to khoon ki pyasi hai...waise she has a better name..(Khaddu Chudail)

Well..This is Mr. Stress per my collegues.

At last.... this is Me..Name(____) as you like.

Waiting for your valuable comments..


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beauty of innocence....

Hi !!!

This blog is specially dedicated for photography and discussions for it..
Most of the pics will be my own shoots.. your valuable comments and suggestions are always welcomed with gratitude.

Being the "Hello World" post..
I thought a lot about to whom it should be dedicated for.. finally i concluded on that it should be dedicated to the state on which each one of us would love to be... CHILDHOOD.

This post is dedicated to "INNOCENCE OF CHILD".. nobody is exception with fact that we all wants get back to childhood days. Just simple and sober INNOCENCE... that needs no explanations or proof to be...

Hope, Pics depicts Innocence and Truth in their eyes .

From Rhododen-Dron (Adventure at it best)

From People.

From Sethi's Work.